Zen Capital Management Delivers 2.64% in January; 9.9% over 6 Months

Sydney, Australia – The Zen Capital Management Global Fund SP rose 2.64% in January, outperforming the HFRI index by 2.18%. Over the last six months the fund has returned 9.9% vs the HFRI index which has risen 3.3%, an outperformance of 6.6%.

Managing Director Gregory Carroll said “Commodities and currencies were the star performers this month. Gold, Wheat and Soybeans performed well. With the USD continuing its ascent, we generated handsome profits from our positions in the AUD, CAD, EUR and GBP. Equities presented few opportunities with many markets directionless over the month”.

Mid-month the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly abandoned its cap on the Swiss Franc. This news resulted in the currency surging 30% in a single day against the EUR. Thereafter a number of hedge funds announced their closure whilst a few announced huge profits. Zen’s philosophy is to maintain a well-diversified portfolio and the fund performed well through this market shock.

Mr Carroll said “The last few months have been quite challenging. Equities have traded sideward in a number of markets and have contributed very little to our returns. By contrast, currencies have traded well and have been a significant contributor. Some commodities have traded well (Oil in particular), whilst others have floundered. Despite the challenges, our system continues to identify attractive opportunities”.

About Zen Capital Management:
Zen Capital Management was formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing Investment Advisory services to the Zen Capital Management Global Fund SP. The company employs a proprietary investment process which is driven by a rigorous quantitative model, macro-economics, and over decade of experience in financial markets.

Zen’s strategy is highly scalable since it only trades highly liquid securities consisting of stock index futures, commodity futures and highly liquid currency pairs in the global interbank market.

The fund is Cayman-domiciled and is currently available to wholesale investors who are non-US taxpayers. The fund is administered by Apex Fund Services and all trading is through Interactive Brokers LLC. The fund commenced trading on 1 October 2012.